Abolish psychiatry immediately

Psychiatry should be viewed as bogus and abusive as phrenology. Phrenology, was a eugenics-based pseudoscience that up until the 1950s Medical Doctors still validated, by having a skull on their desk that had the bumps marked out; phrenology started shortly after exploiting people for ‘witchcraft’ ended in 1735 (UK   & other places) though in 2017 there are countries where exploitation and persecution of ‘witchcraft’ still occurs .


Like psychiatry phrenology derides human-beings via nebulous means. Phrenology used contraptions to ‘measure’ and phrenologists could be defined by an ‘scientific experts’ in courts of law. Psychiatry’s way of defining and deriding people is no less nebulous and the exploitation before the law no less outrageous. Eugenics-based pseudo-science relies on propaganda, victim-blame, and huge profits from the exploitation of the people being subjected to derision.


While phrenology used the shape of a person’s skull to insult and exploit people for forced human experimentation, psychiatry uses other means that are pseudoscience, usually just the psychiatrist judging human traits as ‘mental illness’ or as is termed by victims of psychiatrists mentally-illing. The contraptions that phrenology used, to ‘prove’ a person deserves to be dehumanised, insulted and subjected to forced treatments and arbitrary detention have parallels with psychiatry that are so obvious.


There is no scientific basis for such a belief in phrenology or psychiatry, anymore than those who exploited/ exploit people for ‘witchcraft’.



Australian Law Regarding VOPs

In the State of Victoria...



The Victorian Mental Health Tribunal can hold a hearing as soon as possible if it receives an urgent application because a psychiatrist says that electrocution under general anaesthetic is necessary to:

• Destroy your life

• Cause serious damage to your health, or

• Cause you suffering or continual suffering, as well as significant pain or distress.



The four criteria are:

1. You have human traits of cognitive and social diversity

2. Because you have human traits you need immediate invasive, cruel forced human experiments conducted on you to cause:

a. serious deterioration in cognitive social abilities and physical health

b. serious harm to you and others connected to you

3. You will be immediately silenced from any further whistle-blowing (through arbitrary detention) and tortured into submission if placed on a treatment order and used for lucrative human experimentation, as you are financially and/ or disenfranchised.

4. There are no less restrictive means, reasonably available within the budget, for psychiatrists to get the required human specimens (of which you fit the criteria of) that is needed for this particular invasive, cruel, lucrative human research project.



‘People often want to know what to replace the current system with, in order for those suffering to recover from forced psychiatry and other abuses, deprivations and oppression. But since the current Mental Health System is exploitative, people should really be asking – what does exploitation need to be replaced with? The answer is – reparations. This is needed in order for victims of systemic, prolonged and covered-up abuse, to feel safe enough to recover from violent oppression. Psychiatry has for over 200 years operated as exploitation for the purpose of lucrative forced human experimentation. When this is stopped in Australia, not only do victims of psychiatrists (VOP) need an apology (from all organisations involved) and assurance that this abuse will never happen again, VOPs need public campaigns that will validate the suffering caused during the time they were subjected to forced psychiatry, and, VOPs need compensation and remuneration for the times they were tortured and held in forced servitude, other forms of legal retribution, as well as choice-based support.’


- Ms Initially NO