Forced psychiatry is disgusting. How could you let your government legislate such a thing?

Psychiatrisms are offensive terms because they kill people! Until our Government Legislation is changed so that people are not subjected to psychiatry, these terms are more offensive than anything else anyone could say.


You don’t suffer exploitation and put up with it, you do something, you fight, and that’s what people who are persecuted by psychiatrists do, they try in every way they can to stop psychiatrists from abusing them, then they are broken into submission under that torture. VOPs appeal to the Human Rights Commissions, the Mental Health Commission, the State Police, the federal police. Though, while they are forcibly injected their whole body and thinking abilities are shut-down and they cannot stay awake more than a few hours of the day. Usually, VOPs are also socially and financially disenfranchised, so don’t have the means to buy legal representation, don’t have a mobile phone, a computer or an internet connection. Those who do have these items confiscated while in arbitrary detention. (In Australia, only criminals have the right to legal representation, victims of psychiatrists, who have not committed a crime to be charged with a crime to be charged with don’t have right to legal representation, so legal representation in some states of Australia is as low as 17%.) Naturally governments are not keen on the idea of gaining a precedent that would mean an end to lucrative exploitation for the purpose of human experimentation, under the guise of medicine.


Millions of Australians are being held in servitude and tortured in this manner, for diabolical human experimentation. Over a billion people world-wide are being detained and tortured and utilised for obscene profits that are yielded from forced human experimentation. If people subjected to this horrific abuse from psychiatrists and Government Legislators, are not victims, then no one is. Survivors, we are that too (but when that term is used people think of Reality TV, and compensation is not really thought of any more than stopping the abuses inflicted on so many by psychiatrists).


VOPs have had no compensation, no assistance, no validation, and live under the threat of it occurring all over again, live with the horror of knowing that violence is still happening – in their name, under the guise of 'care' and 'medicine' and psychiatric propaganda that the public repeat the bleat of, without knowing what they're talking about.


Psychiatrists are perpetrators of Servitude Offenses and Torture Offenses and Assault – if they cannot be held accountable, then, Government Legislators must make them be held accountable, or be held accountable themselves.





Stop using terms of abuse: psychiatrisms

NJE & PBU won!

They will not be forcibly maimed by the State of Victoria through forced ECT


#Freedom4NJE #VOP

The Supreme Court heard the appeal on

August 14 and 15

Final Decision by Justice Bell is yet to be heard.


Read about NJE & PBU's plea for freedom from torture on Bendigo Advertiser Legal Aid Explainer here


Why is it that the public can read an article like that and see that a person is being electrocuted until they agree to take clozapine. Why cannot the public, that walks past people when they protest in the street, that reads articles such as this, where a woman is being tortured, and yet they're not doing anything to stop her being electrocuted under GA, not doing anything to stop her being forced to agree to 'the death drug' clozapine, under the duress of further electrocution.


#EqualityBeforeTheLaw where is that?


This is a disgusting crime that Australia does.


This is disgusting Forced Human Research.


Clearly this woman, is being discriminated against on the basis of perceived disability, her human traits, cognitive and social diversity. But this discrimination means she's arbitrarily detained and torture 24/7 indefinitely. That's far worse than discrimination, it is persecution, exploitation, invasive, cruel, maiming, murdering human experimentation.


What a ridiculous farce to rival Nazi Courts!

#Freedom4NJE #VOP


Make some NOISE!


Do people understand how insulting it is to be told you don't understand what the torturous procedure the psychiatrists propose is 'good for you'? When a person says no, they don't want to be electrocuted and injected with General Anesthetic to make the suffering to their body look less horrific than it is, then the Courts then order that person to be electrocuted, that's not a democratic rule. That's a torturous persecution, a dictatorship of a person. Demanding a person adhere to torture without any kind of resistance.


What? What does a person do to deserve to be tortured in Victoria, Australia?


Nothing. The courts and psychiatrists call it 'Treatment'.


It should not matter what the perpetrating psychiatrists and their coterie call it. Plenty of people know that to be electrocuted under GA, is not something they want to do, against their will, indefinitely, and have their State legislate this violence.


But, see...

Human Research is very lucrative for the Australian Government. I hear there's a grant out there from a pharmaceutical company to test all sorts of pulses this way and that and see what's best. Best for who and for what?

The woman from Bendigo say 'No!' she did not want to be electrocuted under GA. She did not want your pricks stuck in her either. What are you doing to her? This is a really, really violent act perpetrated by the Australian Government. STOP IT!


I hear there's a very lucrative research grant out there for Clozapine, oh yes they want to revitalise the image of that drug, with another Australian trial. Australian psychiatrists know how to get their victims into complete compliance with anything they wish to do to them. The Australian Government is all for it, very lucrative for the economy.


Who are you murderers that are okay with this? Get out of here!


#Freedom4NJE #VOP

The Supreme Court will hear the appeal on August 14 and 15.


Don't let her die from from this State Violence.