Contributions from VOPs & allies, on the guideline questions posed at part 5.1 of AHRC Consultation Paper

- Ms Initially NO (name of author)

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Be aware that October is a month of horrible propaganda to Victims of Psychiatrists, because this is the month where the Mental Health Association ramps up its campaigning, its victim-blaming, its disease-mongering, uses tax-dollars to peddle their wares, in the guise of 'care' and 'help' and 'medicine'. Where perpetrators are touted as experts over their victims.


Rubbish, it is all rubbish. A recruiting campaign, is what it is, to lure people into thinking the violent system of forced human experimentation, that is the Mental Health System, is a system that can continue, bringing in money from pharms, to the economy while millions are maimed and killed through this exploitation.

I want people to recognise that October is Iatrogenic Awareness Month. And, if you’re not aware that half the people who die in this country every year are, in a system of forced psychiatry, on psychiatric drugs, then, look up Australia’s ABS statistics.


I want people to recognise that there are people, victim-survivors of forced human experimentation & allies, that have been putting in a massive effort to stop that exploitation.


October is a month to think about human rights in your city, but also in other parts of the earth, to actively think about the powerful voices that activate change, changes that has been asked for again and again for over 200 years. Change meaning STOP forcibly exploiting people for human experimentation, stop the killing and maiming and stop doing it under Government statute law. Stop the invasive, crude, brutal 24/7 indefinite torturing and arbitrarily detaining your citizens. Discuss this disgusting breach of human rights. Demand that the mainstream media discusses it.


The Mental Health Acts in Australia must be repealed, it is not about reforming these laws, it is about abolishing them. It is insulting to the Victims of Psychiatrists (VOP/ VOP) to keep the perpetrators in power, without any kind of means for reparations and expect them to be okay with that.



- Ms Initially NO.



VOP & allies will tell you the truth

John Read


Jaakko Seikkula


Birgitta Alakare


Olga Runciman


Will Hall


Volkmar Aderhold


Peter Gøtzsche


Sami Timimi


Robert Whitaker


There’s no such thing as mental illness


Though, there is such a thing as exploitation via medicos for the purpose of lucrative, cruel, forced human experimentation, via bogus, destructing labeling of the financially & socially disenfranchised, whistle-blowers and victims of crime, in order to silence and exploit, control and  finance.

TREATED LIKE LABORATORY ANIMALS, and the world is in denial calling this 'care'

Of course! we need more perpetrating psychiatrists to treat Victims of Psychiatrists like laboratory animals, yeah, that's the solution more perpetrating psychiatrists. Second opinions are ignored, if they ACTUALLY support the person being abused. That's the way it is in Australia.

The only solution to exploitation is to STOP IT. To stop exploitation in Australia, the State/ Territory Mental Health Acts ALL need to be repealed, by the parliamentarians, because they made these Statute Laws, for profit, under the guise of care.


repeal ALL MENTAL HEALTH ACTS. What a vile community we live in that profits from the torture of others and calls it 'protection' and 'care'. What an odious land of doublespeak!



Psychiatric drugs turn people desperate and confused with the poison

‘A 2015 study published in World Psychiatry of 960 Finnish adults and teens convicted of homicide showed that their odds of killing were 45 percent higher during time periods when they were on benzodiazepines. A year earlier, the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry published a study titled, “Benzodiazepine Use and Aggressive Behavior.” The authors wrote: “It appears that benzodiazepine use is moderately associated with subsequent aggressive behavior.”’