VOP awareness ribbon

Awareness is everything

Dark green stripe edge

Blue and purple blend.


Wish to raise awareness for Victims of Psychiatrists. The colours for this are purple blending with light blue and a dark green edge. When there's words written ie Victims of Psychiatrists, Stop Psychiatric Abuse, Forced Human Experimentation under the guise of medicine… then the words are a light yellow-green.


Psychiatric abuse is so wide-spread and is a government aided abuse. It is also a 'medically' justified abuse and many of the popular ribbons are in aid of funding medical research, so that's why an awareness ribbon for Victims of Psychiatrists is not readily advertised.



The designs for this ribbon are creative commons, for the use of VOPs and allies. Though, you can purchase pre-made ribbons here at cost. Know that in purchasing these pre-made ribbons you will be supporting VOPs.

Why we use the term VOP/ VOP

VOPs, are or have been victims of psychiatrists. The reason for calling ourselves VOPs is because calling ourselves survivors allows the public to look upon us as though we have survived a disease that a psychiatrist ‘treated’, when that is not what has happened at all. There is nothing wrong with a person saying I have survived the abuses of psychiatrists, I am a survivor of that horrendous regime. And I use that term, psychsurvivor, interchangeably with VOP. The problem is with people who want to vouch for perpetrators and belittle the victims of perpetrators.

At times I want to clarify the situation for government legislators and their followers, who want to have the people being exploited by psychiatrists, called ‘consumers’ of the violence inflicted on them by psychiatrists.


Excuse me, but people don’t ‘consume’ torture, they do not ‘consume’ being hauled off by medicos and tortured against their will. The people that are subjected to torture via their governments are victims of government legislated tortured regimes, and more pointedly, for VOPs, they are being tortured by psychiatrists, for the profit of psychiatrists, under their blathering of psychiatrists’ justifications for their use of humans in experiments so cruel, disgusting and apparently ‘profitable’ for the economy of the country, according to the pharmecutical companies that sponsor the research.


Being a victim of government legislated exploitation, is horrendous. And what VOPs have been through or are going through, or are potentially threatened with happening to them or their loved-ones all over again, because the perpetrators have not stopped, is where people really need to start thinking about getting the Mental Health Acts repealed.


I want to say there is no shame in being the person who was harmed, even though victims in any exploitation racket are heavily victim-blamed. So stop victim-shaming! Start perpetrator-shaming!


VOPs do not want to be harmed, they do not ask to be harmed, they fight to not be harmed, and they must be validated, in a court of law, that says, the practice of psychiatry is not a victimless crime, the practice of psychiatry is a horrendous crime, and those psychiatrists that perpetrate it, rather than speak out against the violence that is forced psychiatry, need to be charged with the crimes they have committed.