victims of psychiatrists currently being tortured 24/7 and arbitrarily detained

Free Fiona Smith  -

Human Rights Defender & #Right2Refuse protester

Fiona Smith is being held against her will in Royal Melbourne John Cade & subjected to high doses of neurotoxins.


She was withdrawing from these neurotoxins with a GP, and the perpetrating psychiatrists that had her on long term human research, did not want her to assert her rights in protest, petition, or find another clinician that would support her with the withdrawal


Fiona has been a regular protest for the #Right2Refuse psychiatrists' products, procedures & programs. She has also co-written a recent report to the UN CPRD

Garth Daniels is still being arbitrarily detained & tortured 24/ 7

posted 27/11/18

Garth Daniels still being arbitrarily detained & tortured 24/7 indefinitely in QLD, Australia.


Please expose this horrendous violence done to so many in the guise of care & medicine, when it is nothing of the kind, it is government-medico exploitation for the purposes of lucrative forced human experimentation. There is no excuse for this violence. Australia has signed & ratified the UN CRPD, but remains non-compliant.


Please don't let Garth Daniels and thousands of other Australians be maimed and murdered through this government legislated violence.