ECT sufferer

by Jacqueline Dunn, UK.


Struck by lightning is an act of God and a bolt out of the blue. Electric shock treatment is not necessary for you, it’s inhumane (and yet moral in a world that's catatonic). Blinded by its force crippled by the energy explosive and mutilating to ones whole mind. Burning like hell you suffer endurance whilst embedded by grief and sadness that such a volt can enter your mind and is not your own self-inflicted pain.    Recovering from the aftermath is a virtually impossible due to being hung like the hanging monkey of your own town back in time.  What is the aftermath of destruction and war between ones soul and oneself. Is it time that heals the wounds of the force that's hidden beneath electric impulses, which ground your brain through thoughts of a grandiose kind of way. Receptors are the messages we receive in our grief of solitude and sin that belongs within. Seeing and hearing is what we do to make a path for something knew. Electric currents pass within to destroy you and me. It's like a war and yet ready to do battle with the devil to betray your God who's gentle and kind.  Electric fields - something we can't see  - seem to be close and yet so far.  One day the night will fall forever we shall not see. Just like electric we all can feel eternity shall strike us all.


by Kate Lycett


NO said the blind man

 I cannot walk across

 Take my hand and guide me

 Safely to my post


NO said the deaf man

 I cannot hear you speak

 Let me see you gesture

 For it's clarity I seek


NO said Garth Daniels

 And the blind man starts to see

 NO said Garth Daniels

 and the deaf man hears his plea



Seclusion and restraint of the alien


by Initially NO

I was 8 years old


by Diego Spigworms Boom


I was 8 years old to be set free by the old and the cold

Spat Lumps and Pulled Clumps out my hair

She was so nice but I couldn't avoid the doctors gp surgery

The family practice gave me Seroxat and Risperidone in a sick plot to murder me


I grew breasts, got cravings as the medication drew me more crazy

So a dozen adults could sit on me in the cosy room padded cell to restrain me

Snot on breasts and tears on the floor

the smell of matted lilac plastic


It must be a part of the human sickness

why would god make me perfect in his own image

It's okay their disturbed children

Last time I checked god didn't poison his children


(god or nature wouldn't poison it's children)


Play in one room with mostly boys

Who just like me are ejaculating freely when they are just trying to play with their toys

A few 'unrelated' seizures it's not daily


Mum do you miss me, barely

Just a bit more hairy, humping some girls, why won't you kiss me, Or tell me you love me, It's like you don't care for me

maybe things will change if she tells me she's having my baby


signed myself out the accident and emergency quickly before

at 12years old I will not meet more that want to psychologically assess me

im just lucky to wake up from shoving packs full of pills without a thought or a care you see

it couldn't matter less to me. On these anti-deppresant drugs 'side effects' make you do it 'apathetically'


I'm 20 now with a job and a flat

I never have to look back

probably didn't notice I'm infertile

can't cum from a blowjob

in fact I can't/cannot feel a thing


at last I can sleep coz

I don't have to beat off my dick 21 million times


now my stomach hurts (unusually) too

blows up like a balloon

I'm paralyzed

I cold turkey

of 20 years of pre-pubescent

dangerous governmental medication

god doesn't poison the children


20 years sears and shocks

brain zaps, shaking over a year

the lot

ripping my body and soul apart from the core


It's been so long over a year

“your prolactin still won't go down”

“might be a brain tumour”, “I've never seen so long”


the brain zaps last over a year

I'm so anxious I realise I'll never be the same again. Theres holes in my head.


I can't feel a thing


I am uncontrollably ejaculating all over the public bus. Right through the seats

My young body weeps


now it's “hypothyroidism”

“that doesn't make any sense”


“now your normal

but crazy

all of our tests here were previously wrong”


ironically “the drugs are safe” family doctors

today sit on the same bus

reading the paper about third world female genital mutilation

with pints of their victims cum in their arse


how could you publish something so publicly embarrassing

just suffer secretly, needlessly living the rest of your life living as a shadow

of the man you should have been


Because as you read this

thousands of mad men

are openly practising psychiatry

on children in kindergarten





by Frances Harris





Electro Convulsive Therapy

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The Abyss

by Gabrielle Everall


I am falling down

the rabbit hole

the abyss

Alice’s not so Wonderland

We are the fallen

We are the damned


There is a green room

with watchers at a higher level

There is Plato’s cave with bars

and AM radio


I can say now

I have seen the abyss

like screaming into the sunrise

I have drunk from the Lethe-ward

of the state

Walked arm in arm with a patient

down the corridor of Graylands

Our marriage vows incomprehensible


There’s a hole

I’ve been digging

like my own grave

An abyss between

Reason and Unreason

They put board games

in front of me

surrounded by public housing towers

Trying to keep me

in the system


Abilify  made her

forget the alphabet


A head full of quick sand

where names, people, your life

your body disappear

I’m falling down

the rabbit hole

the abyss

Alice’s not so Wonderland

We are the fallen

We are the damned.




by Leah Sumner

Chained to the system

Chained to our trauma

Chained to the myth that we are ill

Chained to the stretcher

They say velcro straps are a humane alternative?

I say they are still Chains

That need breaking

Chains that link us together with love and hope and healing

These are the

Chains that we are making