Open Mic


West Word Poetry

no toxic fumes,

no psychobabble

clearing the way for some damn fine poetry!

every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month, at 2pm

at The Dancing Dog Cafe

42 Albert St, Footscray.

Sinead O’Connor VOP


Put the whitecoat in the bin Sinead!

                Exploited by whitecoats, into being their mouth-piece.

They sicken that beautiful strong singer,

And make her repeat their slander of her,

The ugly whitecoats, that want to rule the world.

Covering a version of whitecoat propaganda

Indoctrinated into being a poor-poor puppet

Sinead O’Connor don’t let them drag you down

Into covering for their disgusting exploitation,

Their disgusting forced human experimentation.

Do not buy that evil indoctrination!

           The singer with clout being used for plainsfolk propaganda

By that psychiatrist. If he was actually ‘sweet’ as Sinead says

Then he wouldn’t be rotting her with a mentally-ill tag.

What kind of awful has he got her addicted to

Now she’s having to withdraw

Why cannot any doctor tell her that after an operation

That removes bits of your body, you feel horrible?

Why top the horrid cake of kidney stone removal

With DSM diagnosis jelly-bean depressed into it?

They will be electrocuting you next!

           The relationship she has with this psychiatrist,

That has broken her down,

When last year she was speaking out against

These rat-bag medico-parasites,

This ugly whitecoat, obvious in manipulation.


That ‘sweet psychiatrist’ is just scum on the soul of your left-foot Sinead. Get him off you!

You have plenty of people out there, that you could connect with,

That are your equals, you just don’t know who to trust

And keep falling for the controlling cult leaders.

Psychiatrists, they’re the biggest scam on Earth,

Alongside Popes that need to be torn up and told.

Sinead O’Connor

Victims of Psychiatrists are with you

When you are true to yourself, we back you,

Keep strong with you when whitecoats knock you down.

We are people who are exploited violently by force

And coercion under duress, you are one of us.

Don't let the whitecoats silence you

Don't let the whitecoats remove your voice

Don't let the ugly whitecoats make you a puppet to their cruelty

Don’t get indoctrinated by that disgusting exploiter

Into thinking that effects of pills are a 'disease'

You’ve got more choice than being whitecoat’s specimen!

Don’t let the ugly whitecoat indoctrinate you

Don’t let the ugly whitecoat kill you

Sing a song to challenge them, build a guitar riff to out them

With your sound sense, your sound mind,

You have an audience like Lady Di

Fight the exploiters, you need to protest to stay alive

Don’t let anyone mentally-ill you, character assassinate you,

Poison your body into screaming its dying.

You’re not alone. Even VOP Norma Jean fought them.