Give our citizens freedom from torture, repeal those nebulous laws

Senate Candidates in Australia for 2019 supporting VOΨs



Independent Senate Candidate

for Victoria

Mr Glenn Floyd



Namely, I will demand inquiries and swift action to stop:

• Selling of Australian human research without consent

• Australians forcibly held down and injected with substances

• Australians forcibly electrocuted under general anesthetic against their will

• Australians forcibly subjected to arbitrary detention and invasive, cruel, murderous violations in the guise of ‘medicine.

• Australians forcibly subjected to discrimination on the basis of perceived disability

• Bogus fraud called ‘medicine’, or ‘care’ or ‘help’ is a deliberate blatant cover-up for exploitation

• Bogus fraud called ‘medicine’, or ‘care’ or ‘help’ is a deliberate blatant $Multi-Billion cash maker

• Corrupt medicos operating above the law for MASSIVE corrupt financial rewards

  • Criminal Psychiatric Abolition Act

  • Clean Blood Act



Manslaughter in Melbourne