In good faith? That’s religious bunkum!

The 'in good faith' is a legal ruling whereby medico can conduct Research without Consent, on the assumption that everything a medico does is 'in good faith' even when it causes massive injury and death to millions of people who are subjected to it, the medico is still not considered responsible for it under the law, because they claim to have done it 'in good faith'. To me having that as a rule of law is like religious bunkum infiltrating the legal system.


The words 'faith' and 'hope' are used by medicos in the same way they are used by the religious, to silence their victims.


Don't say that medicos torture 'in good faith'.


And stop allowing psychiatrists, who torture people, to be 'experts' over their victims in courts of law.



Legal cases against psychiatrists & government exploitation via psychiatry


Whistle-blower on retirement village abuse & exploitation, Gweneth Jones subjected to forced psychiatry under government legislation