Royal Commission

The truth – that’s what needs to be exposed in a Royal Commission into Mental Health. It’s no mystery to Victims of Psychiatrists that the system is violently and cruelly abusing people, and pouring more money into it, will only make more Victims of Psychiatrists, as has been happening for decades. Victims of Psychiatrists, want that exposed, that legislated abuse. We want the corruption, the exploitation and the vile forced human experimentation racket to stop. It is our voice, the voice of Victims of Psychiatrists that needs to be heard, not though the filtered advice of Patrick McGorry, a psychiatrist, who does not represent Victims of Psychiatrists, rather represents psychiatrists, those who perpetrate against us. We ask that no psychiatrist is included in an advisory position or chairing position, as this perverts the course of justice and reason for a Royal Commission into the corruption and abuses of the Victorian Mental Health System and denigrates the highest form of inquiry on matters of public importance. We want our deaths and maiming through forced and coerced Mental Health treatments to be counted:

1. If someone dies of a cardiac arrest after years of being forced on a neuroleptic, then the death must be marked up as a cardiac arrest potentially caused by the neuroleptic forced. And so forth, for every death – including suicide potentially induced by forced – coerced psychiatric drugs.

2. We want the maiming of our bodies to be counted. So for every person that attempts suicide due to the horrible effects of neuroleptics or other psychiatric drugs and procedures and injures themselves, everyone who gets a cardio condition, an allergy, diabetes… all the things listed on the drug’s website, that these psychiatric drugs that are forced on people are known to cause.

3. We want a count of how many people were put on forced orders in a year.

4. We want a count of how many people were utilised as data in human research as ‘emergency research’ without their knowledge, and through coercive means, due to the Mental Health legislation in Victoria.

5. We want to know how many people were threatened with forced psychiatry, if they did not undergo another kind of medical procedure, or treatment.

6. We want to know how many people were broken under torture of isolation, arbitrary detention, high dose drugs, mechanical holds, and other procedures, into obedience with the treating psychiatrist, and how many were verbally told, that they need to agree to treatment, and agree to the psychiatric label given if they are to be let free from arbitrary detention or mechanical ties, or have the dose of the drug lowered.

7. We want to know how many people have been suffering an emergency medical condition, that was ignored, and turned into a Mental Health issue. How many of those people have been maimed or killed due to not being listened to, and denied the access to assistance they need, and having their condition worsened by toxic psychiatric drugs, and damaging procedures, as well as the dehumanisation of forced psychiatry.

8. We want to know how many people were trying to speak out against the effects of electrical pollution, that were subjected to forced psychiatry.

9. We want to know how many people were attempting to speak out against chemicals in their environment or food, that were subjected to forced psychiatry.

10. We want to know how many people were attempting to speak out against organised crime, when they were subjected to forced psychiatry.

11. We want to know how many people were attempting to speak out against violence that they experienced, or were currently experiencing, and attempting to do so got them subjected to forced psychiatry.

12. How many compulsory patients were physically assaulted in a psychiatric ward, and how often.

13. How many people subjected to mental health treatments were subjected to lewd comments, racism, sexism, or had their spiritual, cultural, or individual beliefs vilified by staff members.

14. How many people subjected to forced psychiatry would consider themselves to be socially disenfranchised, financially disenfranchised, an oppressed people, and considered their diagnosis by psychiatrists to be discriminatory.


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