How many people do you know who have died in this year because they were hauled off, arbitrarily detained and forcibly injected with torturous drugs under Government Legislation?


Stop killing the most creative & honest people, by mentally-illing them, then denying them a legitimate position as communicators in our society. Stop this outrageous discrimination on the basis of perceived disability.



by Initially NO

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VOP Artists & allies

There are a number of artists that are VOPs. Please do buy their artworks, as these artists are not only victims of psychiatrists, they are also still alive, and activists in stopping forced psychiatry. This means they are currently discriminated against because they fight oppression, speak the truth bravely in their visual imagery. As most people are aware, the works of activists appreciates in value over time, once the much needed changes are made to the exploitation that humans are suffering.


Oppression of those VOPs that speak out against the perpetrators is very silencing. Don't allow this to happen.


When you buy & share the art of activist VOPs & allies who are communicating the changes needed to stop the exploitation, you are focusing  the art that will appreciate.


Reshma Valliappan


Richard Mclean &


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Pamela Spiro Wagner


Michelle Dalton


Jules Malleus


Aunty Psychiatry